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Best suited rotation angle of GIF images are 90 degree (right angle), 180 degree (straight angle), 270 degree (reflex angle) and 360 degree (full angle)

Rotate GIF animation tool demo here

What we do

Rotate GIF animated image

Easily Rotate GIF animated images to any angle. Best suited rotate angle for GIF animated images are 90 degree right angle, 180 degree straight angle, 270 degree reflex angle or 360 degree full angle rotation. Simply upload Gif animated image in tool, enter rotation angle in degree, then click Rotate GIF button.

How this tool working?

GIF rotation tool is developed using server side scripts, the GIF images are uploaded to server directory in encrypted format and rotate based on angle provided. After GIF rotation process is completed, the rotated gif animation preview is enabled along with download button.

Is it free tool?

GIF rotation tool is completely free to use. It is a full version, no hidden payments, no sign up required, no demo versions and no other limitations. Easily rotate any number of gif animations, without any restrictions.

Is this secure tool?

GIF rotation tool is highly secured and all the gif animations are uploaded to a complex server directory in encrypted format. The uploaded GIF animations are removed automatically from server directory, when the user session is expired.

Any skills required?

Easiest tool to do GIF rotation, no special skills are required to Rotate GIF. Simply upload GIF animated image, enter rotation angle and click Rotate GIF button. Finally preview and download rotated GIF animated image.

Is there are any restrictions?

This tool has no restriction and no limitations, user can rotate any number of GIF animated images to on any angle, without any restriction.

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